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About Us

Randall Murphy, PhD

Dr. Murphy has forty years of experience building successful companies in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. As a famed academic in the scientific community with expertise in natural product extraction methods and neurochemistry, he is prepared to deliver significant technological advances to a scientifically stagnant industry. 

Dr. Murphy co-founded Achillion Pharmaceuticals and Marinus Pharmaceuticals, two companies that are today traded on NASDAQ, and participated in senior scientific management in a dozen other companies. He helped grow Epalex from a development-stage company in the neurology arena, and Progenra, a discovery company with a focus on ubiquitin and deubiquitinases. Dr. Murphy has designed, built, and managed several respected laboratories as well as developed widely used methodologies and standards that are in practice in labs at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards and Center for Analytical Chemistry, and the Staff Research Fellow Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry. While a tenured faculty member at New York University, he received the Presidential Fellowship and mentored many post-doctoral students who now work at some of the most prestigious institutions and companies in the world.

Dr. Murphy is the youngest graduate on record at USC and attended the M.D. Program at UCLA. He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry under Nobel laureate W.F. Libby.

Dr. Camara, PhD

Dr. Camara has over fifteen years of experience in technology development specializing in advanced research development, applied physics, instrument control, data acquisition and processing. As a distinguished entrepreneur, scientist, and author of various scientific publications, Dr. Camara aggressively approaches challenges with inventive solutions. He strives to invent and develop technology that will have a positive impact on the world. 

As a research associate for UCLA, Dr. Camara carried out research on high-energy emission from contact electrification and laser matter interactions while preparing grants and obtaining funding from DARPA and TATRC. He published various papers during his PhD program at UCLA focusing on conducting research on high energy density physics, sonoluminescence, nonlinear optics, cavitation, high-energy discharges and triboluminescence. At UCLA, he co-invented a novel x-ray technology and licensed it from the Regents of The University of California to start a company, Tribogenics. He brought funding from private investors and venture capital firms to bring this new x-ray technology to market. As chief scientist at Tribogenics Inc, Dr. Camara had the responsibility of technological development and innovation. 

Dr. Camara received his Bachelors Degree at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in Physics, where he was honored for his thesis in Physics. Then went on to receive his PhD in Physics at UCLA.